Gerakan Alumni Hira'

Singkatan dikenali sebagai GELURA


Assalamualaikum to all brothers and sisters,

Thank you to all for attending the first ever reunion since ancient time. It's good to be back to the school that - should i say - the best years of my life. And your life too maybe?

Anyway, hopefully we can make this GELURA more alive with lots of activities, shall we? GELURA is not a one-person thingy but it needs everyone to give something to this alumni. I hope that, everyone can gives their full support either to the alumni itself or the school. Anytime when there's a program conducted/held, I hope that everyone can gives their bit of time to join.

Thank you again for electing the president of GELURA and hopefully this time I can be more responsible and do duty truthfully. And to the other commitee, do your job with full responsibilities, aight?

Take this as an experience for you guys to be prepared for the future. It's a rough world outside. :)

Enough of introductions. The point is, let us enjoy ourself in GELURA, yeah?! and help yourself to add something to this blog. Any tazkirah, stories, experiences, anything that can be usefull to all.

That is all. Good luck to all in your studies, business and life. To the SPM candidates, all the best. The last year as a student, enjoy it as much as possible. Good luck again! Thank you and see you guys soon.

Hidayat Jamalolail.

p/s: Make usefull of this blog as much as possible. If you are good in English, write in English. If Arabic, write in Arabic. Don't put a limit to yourself. Try something new. Even if it's not that good. Just try. :) French, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, why not? :D