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Something to Think About..

As salamu alaykum Izyana,
You may know someone who is studying for final exams these days. Final exams are always a nice time to focus on the true exam of life.
1. In school, you can often redo your exam if you fail. In the hereafter, if one fails there is no going back.
2. In school, you often do not know what questions will be asked. In the hereafter, there are only 3 questions: Who is your Lord? What is your Deen? And who is this man who was sent to you? But the answers are answers you live by.
3. In school, we stay up at night to prepare for the exam the next day. So too in Allah's exam, we should be staying up in night prayers.
4. In school, we pray and hope and work for an outstanding mark. So too should be our attitude towards Allah's exam.
5. In school, when we get a great mark, we erupt with happiness. So too will the believers erupt in happiness when they get their books in their right hands. Work for it.
6. In school, when we get a bad mark, sadness can be seen on our faces, and we dislike to face others. So too in the hereafter. Protect yourself from that.
7. During a school exam, you cannot ask anyone for help. In the hereafter, you can prepare from now to get assistance from Allah's Messenger, the Quran, and other ways of intercession.
8. In school, when exam time draws near, we banish distractions to focus on what is really important. In Allah's exam, isn't death within 1 heart beat? Banish distractions and focus.
9. In school, until exam results come out, we worry about the result. In Allah's exam, we don't know what our result will be, so we spend our days in hope and worry until the results come out.
With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
-Muhammad Alshareef
Email ni ana subsribe dr
Sungguh. mendalam maknanya. bile renung balik hari-hari yang berlalu. seribu daya dikudratkan untuk sit for the spm papers. dan alhamdulillah puas menjawabnya. dan kini hanya berbaki lg dua. insyaAllah. Islam boleh! satu perkara yang patut kt ingat di kala menghembus nafas lega selesai paper, ijtahada! teruskan kerajinan! teruskan meniti lagak orang mahu periksa! seribu daya lagi perlu dikudratkan untuk meniti ujian Allah yang akan tiba. Tuntasnya, kita sebenarnya sememangnya perlu membuat persediaan. Persediaan untuk hadapi ujian yang teragung sekali. Ujian yang ini, indahnya kekal abadi. padahnya juga kekal abadi.
enough said.
*ps: bittaufiq wannajah untuk semua!